You’ve Got To Download It!

My favourite song of this week is the fantastic Travel Girl by Hitchhike. I downloaded the mp3 from Enthusiastic But Mediocre who seem to know little more than I do about the song. It’s a hit in the Greek charts right now and is basically an American girl talking about hitchhiking over a beat that… Continue reading You’ve Got To Download It!

The new 888!

Mr PJ has been raving about new boyband V recently so I did a little research and found their official site. There you can hear clips of their single, the excitingly named Blood, Sweat And Tears and another track named First Time. Their current claim to fame is supporting Busted on their forthcoming UK arena… Continue reading The new 888!

Will’s Games

In honour of Will’s fantastic new single, Your Game, here are Will’s top 5 board games: 1. Cluedo Will says: “Apparently this is a middle/upper class game, so I must like it!” 2. Ludo Will says: “This is very easy so I can even play it when I’m drunk.” 3. Mouse Trap Will says: “What… Continue reading Will’s Games

And Now For An Answer

A few weeks ago my dear enemies Busted posed the question, Who’s David? Now that the song of the same name is poised to enter the charts at numero uno (selling less than Sam And Mark, I’ll have you know!) I’ve decided to reveal the results of the poll. It’s time to reveal David! In… Continue reading And Now For An Answer

Questions Of Pop

1. Why do all NSync’s albums have to have at least two ballads which all sound exactly the same? This I Promise You, Selfish, God Must Have Spent, Someone Like You…can you tell the difference? 2. What exactly is the point of brackets in songs? No-one, not even OTV themselves, ever called Shakespeare’s (Way With)… Continue reading Questions Of Pop

My United States Of Whatever

American was mostly very bad last night. Who would have thought that Jesus Roman could be worse than his brother! There were three very good people though, redhead Lisa, Hawaiian Camile and football player Matt. Lisa was my favourite as she seemed like a great person and sang best on the night, but Matt and… Continue reading My United States Of Whatever

Will Woz Robbed!

Yay for: Lemar winning an award No-one laughing at Avid Merrion Will being on TV, even when it was meant to be Bedders’ moment of glory Justin (the only Justin worth mentioning) winning 2 awards The spectacularly cute and ace Jamie Cullum and Katie Melua who should get married and have lots of babies right… Continue reading Will Woz Robbed!