A-Z Of Reality TV Pop Ctd

Hear’say Who? The UK’s first taste of reality TV pop, consisting of Danny, Kym, Noel, Suzanne and Myleene. From: Popstars (UK) Best song: Everybody Heinz Winckler Who? Handsome singer of Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing on World Idol. From: Idol (S. Africa) Best song: Angel Jamai Loman Who? Winner of the highly popular Dutch version… Continue reading A-Z Of Reality TV Pop Ctd

A-Z of Reality TV Pop Ctd.

Darius Who? Original Popstars clown who with a bit of luck (or he might have just bought Rik Waller a doughnut, who knows?) and a makeover found himself in the Pop Idol final 3 and soon topping the charts. From: Popstars/Pop Idol (UK) Best song: Kinda Love David Sneddon Who? ‘Cheeky’ Scottish Fame Academy winner,… Continue reading A-Z of Reality TV Pop Ctd.

A-Z Of Reality TV Pop

Since I enjoyed the Europop A-Z so much, I thought it would be fun to do an A-Z of another area of the pop world I know a lot about. So to celebrate the return of reality TV pop to our screens, even if it’s in the form of Matt OTV and some of Six… Continue reading A-Z Of Reality TV Pop

If you liked the A-Z of Europop…

then you will love Chris’ new site Sounds Of Sweden, where you will soon find an A-Z of Swedish pop acts (about 200 in total!) with mp3s included.

Holiday-y! Celebra-yte!

Almost 2 weeks ago now I went on holiday to the pop Mecca known as Sweden and as you may have noticed I haven’t written about it here. Until now! While I was there I wrote down a short diary to post when I got back, so here, along with lots of pictures from the… Continue reading Holiday-y! Celebra-yte!