Video Killed The Radio Star

McFly – 5 Colours In Her Hair

I’m note sure that there is an original line in this song, let alone an original scene in the video. I love Pleasantville and The Brady Bunch, and The Monkees and Beach Boys were childhood faves, but I don’t need to see a bunch of not even pretty boys trying to make a hit out of it. Go away please!

Sugababes – In The Middle

I seem to have an on-off relationship with the ‘Babes. I liked them when Siobhan was around although I wasn’t botherd with the album and never liked Overload, and since Heidi joined I have liked some songs and been entirely underwhelmed by others. Sadly this is one of the latter and as I’ve heard some other tracks from Three I have no idea why they are releasing it. I guess because it’s upbeat and their last single was a ballad, but this is just rubbish and the video ios hardly groundbreaking either.

Blue – Breathe Easy

I’m not really a fan of Blue but I quite liked the song Guilty, for my sins, so as I was told that this was similar I thought I would like it. No such luck! Breathe Easy is terribly boring, repetitive and has nothing catchy or memorable about it at all. The most interesting thing about Blue is their idiocy but even that is wearing thin now.

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