New Pop on the Block

Caitlin Rose – Shanghai Cigarettes (Watch)I don’t think I’ve ever written about a song that could be described as indie-country before on this blog, but there’s a first time for everything and Caitlin Rose undoubtedly deserves a mention. Shanghai Cigarettes has a really nice vibe about it – very cool but in a relaxed, unpretentious… Continue reading New Pop on the Block

The Next Big Thing?

SparkFor the first half of her set at Hoxton Square Bar last night, Spark was just another Marina and the Diamonds – not a bad person to be compared to, but do we need two of them? However, the last four songs she performed transformed her into a whole new act, and one who I… Continue reading The Next Big Thing?

It’s a Girl Thing

Yesterday I gave you my top 10 reasons why I adore Sweden’s Idol series, and today I want to share with you the 10 best contestants of Idol 2010 so far. I won’t write about them all individually, but they are all very much worth watching. From X Factor so far this year I’d only… Continue reading It’s a Girl Thing

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New Pop on the Block

Marion Raven – Flesh and Bone (Listen)It’s been difficult to know what’s going on with Marion’s career over the last few years – she split from Atlantic (who were supposed to make her an international star), signed to an indie label, and is now releasing a brand new album through the indie in conjunction with… Continue reading New Pop on the Block

Top 10 Reasons Why Idol is 10 Million Times Better Than X Factor

As much as I enjoy X Factor, ever since I’ve become a follower of Sweden’s Idol series, which always occurs at the exact same time of year, my enjoyment has been a little tainted. The very direct comparison with Idol makes it especially clear what is wrong with X Factor and it really summarises why… Continue reading Top 10 Reasons Why Idol is 10 Million Times Better Than X Factor

The Next Big Thing?

Little MarblesLinn and Julia make up Little Marbles, the coolest new duo on the Swedish indie-pop scene. Their fashion sense is rather un-Swedish as they dress very colourfully, but their musical style is typical of the poppier side of Swedish indie-pop. They have sweet, girly voices but the music has strong beats which give it… Continue reading The Next Big Thing?

International Video Challenge

Representing Sweden: Ludwig Bell – Kärlek Slutar Alltid Med BråkMaybe it’s just because I have great memories of Sweden but I love the sound of Swedish and especially in indie-pop. For some reason I find that Swedish suits indie-pop better than pure pop, and most of my favourite Swedish language songs (such as Små Små… Continue reading International Video Challenge