He had to go throw it away

I remembered what I forgot to tell you! You may know already, but Erik Hassle has made a new video for Hurtful. I always thought the original was a bit weird (and quite dirty too!) and obviously someone’s instructed him that the song needs something a bit more classy to promote it, especially now it’s… Continue reading He had to go throw it away

Since I’ve Been Gone

I didn’t have Internet at home for the last few days, so I haven’t been able to post anything. Several things have built up which I want to inform you of, so here they are, handily compiled into one post! Ke$ha’s first singleApparently it is going to be a song called Dolla, which is quite… Continue reading Since I’ve Been Gone

New Pop on the Block

Tina Cousins – Sex On Fire (Listen)I’ve heard that this cover has had such a positive reaction (even been played by Scott Mills on Radio 1) that it is going to be released as a single and a video is going to be made, but I honestly can’t see why. Then again, I don’t understand… Continue reading New Pop on the Block

New Pop on the Block

Remi Nicole – Standing Tears Apart (Live version)Her first album may not have been the biggest of successes when released back in 2007, but Remi’s been given another chance to make it as a pop star. This is the first single from her forthcoming second album, Cupid Shoot Me. It’s a much more melancholy, contemplative… Continue reading New Pop on the Block

Question Time with Lenka

I had the chance to ask lovely Lenka from Australia a few questions. Here are the results… When you wrote The Show, did you ever think that it might become a worldwide hit?No, not at all! We (me and the co-writer Jason Reeves) thought it was just a cute goofy ditty. We knew it had… Continue reading Question Time with Lenka

Thank You for the Music: Anders Hansson

For the second in my series on the best pop songwriters and producers, I present you with the man behind some of the best singles and albums of this decade. Anders Hansson has worked with both Alcazar and BWO throughout their careers, and is the mastermind behind Agnes’ new disco-pop direction. Finally two weeks ago… Continue reading Thank You for the Music: Anders Hansson

International Video Challenge

Representing Norway: Donkeyboy – AmbitionsIt may not be immediately obvious how great this song is, but by the end of your first listen I think most of you will agree with me that it is lovely. It’s not original, it’s not innovative, it’s just nice to listen to… and sometimes that’s all you need. Donkeyboy… Continue reading International Video Challenge