Top of the Poptastic!

I intended to post this last week but forgot, so rather belatedly, here are my top 30 singles of April… 1. Robyn – Fembots (Swedish release)2. The Wanted – All Time Low3. Nabiha – The Enemy4. Alphabeat – DJ5. Amanda Jenssen – The Rebounder6. Mini Viva – One Touch7. Robyn – Dancing on my Own8.… Continue reading Top of the Poptastic!

New Pop on the Block

Rebound! – Hurricane (Listen)I don’t know how to feel about this new duo, which consists of Eddie and Rabih from Sweden’s last Idol series. I’m delighted to see Eddie releasing music, but Rabih was one of my least favourites so I’m annoyed it has to be with him. Still, it probably does give them a… Continue reading New Pop on the Block

Gravitating to Gravitonas

As a big fan and loyal follower of Alexander Bard, I had to write something about his new band Gravitonas, but I wanted to wait until there was some music to comment on before I made my judgement. Now the new group (consisting of Alexander, regular Melodifestivalen songwriter Henrik Wikström and a random beardy bloke… Continue reading Gravitating to Gravitonas

The Next Big Thing?

The PostellesThere’s one way to know for sure that a band or song is going to be big, and that’s when I like it despite it coming from a genre that I’m really not keen on. The Postelles make blokey mainstream indie, but they do it brilliantly well. They’re a protegée of one of The… Continue reading The Next Big Thing?