The new 888!

Mr PJ has been raving about new boyband V recently so I did a little research and found their official site. There you can hear clips of their single, the excitingly named Blood, Sweat And Tears and another track named First Time. Their current claim to fame is supporting Busted on their forthcoming UK arena tour and the video to their single is already made so I guess it’ll be appearing on the music channels anytime now, unless they make the wise move of waiting until everyone realise how rubbish McFly are (if Busted are anything to go by this may take years). Anyway, let’s meet V!

This is Mark, obviously the buff hottie of the group. He’s from Newcastle and aged 20.

Next is Leon, who is Welsh, again aged 20 (his birthday is Xmas day, just like Dido and Jesus) and has a nice face.

Kevin seems to be the pikey of the band, although not too ugly considering. He looks like the male model who sang to Paula on AI3. He’s 19 and from Newcastle.

Antony also has pikey taste in necklaces. He is the oldest at 21 years and hails from Leicester.

Aaron is the David 888 wannabe of the band. He’s 20 and from London.

From the sound of their single, they’re not going to be the biggest boyband ever, but with the clever Busted management they could be in with a chance anyway.

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