Top of the Poptastic!

We’re halfway through the year! OMG etc. Best songs of June (and where they’re being released): 1. Andreas Lundstedt – Love Gun (Sweden)2. Camera Obscura – Lloyd Im Ready To Be Heartbroken (UK)3. Pet Shop Boys – Minimal (UK)4. Lily Allen – Smile (UK)5. Christina Aguilera – Ain’t No Other Man (USA)6. Cascada – Everytime… Continue reading Top of the Poptastic!


Europoptastic has been open only a few days and already we’ve learnt about lots of new music. Here’s a round-up so far: It all went a bit indie-pop when Lockedintheattic brought up German group Wir Sind Helden, but they redeemed themselves by singing in Japanese and revealing their new Tintin-inspired look. Much hilarity was added… Continue reading Untitled

Oh no!

One of the Backstreet Boys has left! But don’t worry too much, it’s only Kevin. He must be so old by now (he’s like a decade older than Nick or something) it was probably his doctor advising him to keep away from flashing lights and manic dancing, which kind of rules out touring or making… Continue reading Oh no!


Recently I noticed that there is not a really good forum that is devoted simply to Europop. The subject is frequently discussed in such places as Popjustice and Poptimists, but there’s no single place you can go to find the best new artists. So, I’ve taken the liberty of setting one up! Europoptastic This is… Continue reading Untitled


I thought this would make an interesting poll. Please remember to choose the ones you think would be successful and NOT just the ones you like best. I’m asking you in your capacity as pop experts, not necessarily people with good taste. Think success! Which of these acts would, in your opinion, gain success in… Continue reading Untitled

DP:UK The Reynolds Girls – I’d Rather JackThis song is often said to be one of the worst Stock, Aitken & Waterman have made (although when you think of their more recent projects, such as OTV and the Fast Food Rockers, even its biggest critics would change their mind) but it’s actually a seriously brilliant… Continue reading DP:UK

Voting Time

This week I have retired all the Eurovision songs, as it’s now a month since the event and we need to move on to some new ace pop, so if you have any recommendations of new Europop we should be listening to, let me know. Which of these singles are best? Madonna – Get Together… Continue reading Voting Time

Indie Morality vs. Pop Values

Through reading this excellent article criticising Chantelle off Big Brother from Nietzsche’s point of view, I have not only worked out what AQA meant by writing “The notion of ‘superiority’” in the A-level syllabus and possibly saving my whole academic career (it might come up as a question and now I know!), but also realised… Continue reading Indie Morality vs. Pop Values

DP:UK Madonna – Get TogetherI really like this new video, because for once she doesn’t look like someone’s mum dressed as their daughter and it reminds me of that Daft Punk video, which is fitting for the song. It’s actually made me want to listen to Confessions On A Dancefloor again which I haven’t for… Continue reading DP:UK

Letters Page

Dear Nelly Furtado, London is not a country. Please buy a map. Lots of love, Jessica xxx —————- Dear Christina Aguilera, I’m sorry I said your new single is a bit disappointing. It’s actually really good! Love from your fan, Jessica xxx