I already knew the almost painfully exciting news that Darren Hayes has written a track for the Backstreet Boys’ new album, but I just read on the ace blog Arjan Writes that the song in question is Lift Me Up. As all true Darren fans will know, this is not in fact a brand new… Continue reading NEWSFLASH!!

Gavin Degreat

Last week I posted on Into The Groove that Gavin Degraw‘s album Chariot would be released last Monday but it has in fact been postponed to next Monday (the 4th). I strongly advise you all go out and get your copy because anyone who doesn’t have it is truly missing out! And for those of… Continue reading Gavin Degreat

Return of the Timberlake

It’s quite exciting to see Justin back on music scene, even if it’s alongside Snoop Dogg and his old chum Pharrel. The JT bit of the song is good at least. I think I’ll have to get Justified out again soon. Plus, with rumours that *N Sync may follow the BSBs and make a new… Continue reading Return of the Timberlake

Video Killed The Radio Star

Rooster – You’re So Right For MeRooster are back on form after the slow-rock slop of Staring At The Sun. This would have been a much more fitting follow-up to Come Get Some. Rooster are never going to make the pop-rock major league but their fanbase has proven larger than expected with the reasonable success… Continue reading Video Killed The Radio Star

Video Killed The Radio Star

The Servant – LiquifyFollowing in the footsteps of BBMak, the Servant are a band who made it big(ish) abroad (particularly France and Italy) without being famous in their home country of the UK first. They released Orchestra, the first single from their current self-titled album in December 2003 and they’re finally having another go with… Continue reading Video Killed The Radio Star

Melodi Club

Click here for a WMV file I made of the best bits of the show which you can watch as you read. It includes, in order: Martin, Linda, Shirley, Alcazar, Jimmy, Nanne, After Dark, the results, Martin. A male presenter says we will need pills to get through tonight. He’s not wrong. The show opens… Continue reading Melodi Club

Video Killed The Radio Star

Kim-Lian – Teenage SuperstarAny avid fans of Into The Groove will have noticed and hopefully downloaded the 2 songs by Kim-Lian that I have posted there. I even posted about her right here on Dirrrty Pop early last year. However, I never expected that she would, a year later, be launched in the UK! I… Continue reading Video Killed The Radio Star