Dirrrty Pop Review: t.A.T.u – Dangerous and Moving

This weekend, tATu’s new album (not supposed to be released until October) leaked onto the internet. Being a lovely law-abiding citizen, I of course avoided it like the plague. Um, yeah right!! I downloaded it right away and here are my thoughts in track by track form… 1. Intro – Dangerous and MovingThe album begins… Continue reading Dirrrty Pop Review: t.A.T.u – Dangerous and Moving


Yes, I know I say that a lot but this really is the best news ever! Darren Hayes has obviously been reading my thoughts/blog because his new single is produced by the same people behind…Maroon 5 and Gavin Degraw!!!! What are the chances of it being those particular 2? I mean, if it had been… Continue reading BEST NEWS EVER!!!!

Popping The Question

In Popping The Question I discuss some of the big questions concerning pop music at the moment. Today’s topic is: Will we ever have another reality TV show contestant who can make it as a long-term pop star? X Factor is back and you should all be going here to read Steve and Joel’s brilliant… Continue reading Popping The Question

Top 5 “Running Up That Hill” Covers

1. Within Temptation – the Dutch gothic rock version2. The Honeymoon – the lovely pretty version3. Patrick Wolf – the version Kate herself would love4. Elastic Band – the dance version5. Placebo – the boring version (how can they make this song boring? It should be impossible!)

Video Killed The Radio Star

Beulah – Sweet Kinda SomethingDespite this video being shown on The Amp, the song actually sounds more like something Bellefire would do. She could be too pretty to do well in MOR market, though – not ordinary enough, yet the song is spectacularly ordinary so maybe she still has a chance. Although she is going… Continue reading Video Killed The Radio Star

Where Are They Now?

It has been 2 years since I was in the midst of my crazy obsession with Fame Academy 2, so I think it’s time to see what they are all getting up to now: Carolynne was recently spotted in a Tony Christie video (for all of 2 seconds).Nick is playing disused underground toilets (and other… Continue reading Where Are They Now?


I’ve started posting up my Sweden report and I’m doing it in blog form, so you can see what I have posted so far by clicking here. Enjoy!

More good news!

Bodies Without Organs have revealed their new video for Sunshine In The Rain and you can watch it here! It has all the normal qualities of a BWO video – Martin looking very lovely, Marina being glamorous and Alexander being fabulously mad. So it is great in that way, but I am a little disappointed… Continue reading More good news!

Thank You For The Music

Here is another of my brand new features, where I will be writing about some of the great modern pop songwriters. And no, that doesn’t mean Chris Martin or anyone with the surname Gallagher. More like these ladies… Karen & Shelly Poole If you recognise those names it may be from their days as one… Continue reading Thank You For The Music