Back to life, back to reality

You may have noticed that I didn’t post DP:UK last Sunday, but don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten you! I was visiting a friend in Belgium, so I’ll just carry the votes over to this Sunday. I made some interesting discoveries in Belgium, particularly a great Flemish radio station called Q Music, which you can listen… Continue reading Back to life, back to reality


Which of these singles are best? Alphabeat – Boyfriend Avenue – Last Goodbye Esser – Headlock M. Pokora – Catch Me If You Can Gabriella Cilmi – Save The Lies Tilly & the Wall – Pot Kettle Black Das Pop – Going Underground Rihanna – Disturbia Jordin Sparks Ft Chris Brown – No Air Cyndi… Continue reading Untitled

International Video Challenge

Representing France: M. Pokora – Catch Me If You CanWhether necessary or not, it seems France now has it’s very own Justin Timberlake. He’s even worked with Timbaland, and this video is suspiciously similar to JT’s for I’m Lovin’ It, right down to the blue checked shirt. Unfortunately for M (or Matthieu, as he’s known… Continue reading International Video Challenge

DP: UK – New music special! Tilly & The Wall – Beat ControlPot Kettle Black is the first official single from the group’s new album O, but it’s not quite as poptastic as Beat Control, which they released an ace video for back in February. Both songs, however, are a testament to the grooviness of Tilly & the Wall. If… Continue reading DP: UK – New music special!

I love them ’til I die

Alphabeat have a new video out! It’s for their next UK single, Boyfriend, and I’d say it’s one of their best ever videos, alongside the amazingly jolly one for Fantastic 6. I just can’t believe a) how brilliant this band is and b) that they are actually popular and society allows me to like them!… Continue reading I love them ’til I die


Which of these songs are best? Rihanna – Disturbia Jordin Sparks Ft Chris Brown – No Air Cyndi Lauper – Into The Nightlife Madonna – Give It 2 Me Solange – I Decided (Freemason’s Remix) The Saturdays – If This Is Love Sara Bareilles – Love Song Infernal – Downtown Boys Alcazar – Inhibitions The… Continue reading Untitled

DP:UK Anna Speller – WaitingSince my post about K-Otic the other day, I discovered that one of the girls from the band released a solo single last year. She was in a Dutch film called Honeyz, about 2 girls who got trapped in a department store and had a night of hilarious teenage hi-jinks, and… Continue reading DP:UK

International Video Challenge

Representing Romania: Andreea Bălan – Baby Get Up and DanceShe began her career as a member of a dance duo called Andre (the other member was named Andreea too), then went solo, but recently became famous in Mexico of all places, as a contestant on a TV dance contest, Primer Campeonato Internacional de Baile. Now… Continue reading International Video Challenge