Maybe pigs can fly, too?

Who would have thought that a song covered by Clea could, 2 years later, be covered by two other pop acts and Clea’s would be the best of the bunch? While we’re on the subject, if somebody could explain why anyone thought it was a good idea for Lil Chris to release a song which… Continue reading Maybe pigs can fly, too?

Jag är på Sverige!

The first CDs I spotted in the airport gift shop were by Savage Garden and Rufus Wainwright, and the first song to play on the radio in the taxi was Leave Right Now. This has to be some kind of sign. Oddly, everything on the Blogger site is now in Swedish and I’m not sure… Continue reading Jag är på Sverige!

Teenpop Alert!

With all the great recent American and Canadian rock-pop acts (Lillix, Fefe etc.) falling at the hurdle of public indifference, I was beginning to think that the occasional pop gem to be discovered on Disney albums (Potential Break-Up Song and See You Again being about as far as I dare delve) were the best we’d… Continue reading Teenpop Alert!

Thoughts of the day

1. I’ve decided I really like the new BSBs single. What a relief!2. You know your career is over when your new single is doing so badly that you delay it, adding a double a-side called No U Hang Up. Has there ever been a worse single title? It’s a terrible bore of a song… Continue reading Thoughts of the day

New Girlpop On The Block

The boys have had their turn, now let the girls shows us what they’re made of… Sahara Hotnights – Visit To Vienna (Video)I loved Cheek To Cheek so I’m a bit disappointed that this isn’t as catchy and poppy as that. It’s more like the rockier style of SH’s earlier work, although it’s still one… Continue reading New Girlpop On The Block


After a year and 5 months of patience, I had given up on Junior Senior ever releasing their second album in the UK, especially when I heard of them working on other projects. However, I just saw that Popjustice recently posted this video and called it their new single, so hopefully this is correct and… Continue reading FINALLY!


SHE DID IT! And how ironic that now my favouritest female singer in the world has taken her rightful place atop the UK charts, I am leaving the country. It is amusing and yet not. In even more exciting news, I am still the first result on “Robyn review” on Google. Look it up, then… Continue reading Woooooooooo!!!!