The Next Big Thing?

Chelcee GrimesI tried to get Liverpudlian 18 year old Chelcee to audition for a project I was working on about a year ago and sadly it never happened, but I’m very pleased to see she’s now signed to RCA and her MySpace is filled with amazing very 2011-sounding urban-pop tracks! They have a great energy… Continue reading The Next Big Thing?

International Video Challenge

Representing the USA: Hunter Hayes – Storm WarningWe’ve had Aussie Bieber, Black Bieber and even a Band of Biebers, and none of them have so far had anywhere near the success of the original Biebs. However, I think Hunter Hayes, who shall henceforth be known as Country Bieber, might stand a chance of outdoing them… Continue reading International Video Challenge

The Next Big Thing?

Icona PopOne of the criticisms I often make about the more indie side of electro-pop music is that they have a tendency to overdo it a bit with the random noises, which can make the songs quite cluttered and distract from their melody and structure. I feel this way to some extent about Icona Pop,… Continue reading The Next Big Thing?

Swedish Pop Heartthrobs: A Beginner’s Guide!

One thing which I often complain that the UK is missing is attractive young male solo artists. In Sweden, this complaint could never be made, and I think that’s actually a token of how much more gender equality they have achieved. I believe that the reason why male artists who appeal to young girls are… Continue reading Swedish Pop Heartthrobs: A Beginner’s Guide!

Top of the Poptastic!

Here is my slightly belated list of my favourite new singles of April 2011… 1. Lady GaGa – Judas2. Wolf Gang – The King And All His Men3. Cash Cash – Victim of Love4. Soundgirl – Don’t Know Why5. Bruno Mars – The Lazy Song6. Jennifer Lopez – Papi7. Willow Smith – 21st Century Girl8.… Continue reading Top of the Poptastic!