And Now For An Answer

A few weeks ago my dear enemies Busted posed the question, Who’s David? Now that the song of the same name is poised to enter the charts at numero uno (selling less than Sam And Mark, I’ll have you know!) I’ve decided to reveal the results of the poll. It’s time to reveal David!

In at 5th place with a measley 1 vote is…David Cassidy!

Just in front with 5 votes is…David from Scooch!

3rd place goes to the one and only…David Hasselhoff!

Marginally missing out with 11 votes is…David Gray!

So, the winner of Who’s David 2004 is…………….


(Can you believe that a search for ‘Snedhead’ comes up with this very site! What a triumph!)

3 naked Davids! Sorry if I scared you there.

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