Will’s New Look Pt 2094894

From the latest Time Out:

Your first album featured love songs about girls, They arent gendered on Fridays Child?

“I think that you can write songs where you play a role but I do think that there might not be as much belief in those songs- Im gay so why would I be singing about girls?”

Does it matter?

“Maybe, Funnily enough I remember writing with a songwriter in America. – I wont say who- who didnt know me and didnt know that I was gay. And his lyrics kept saying “Girl”- they were quite personal. I was saying to him …hmmm maybe we should do something else? And I didnt want to embarrass him because he was a lovely person. I didnt want to say “Well actually Im gay” because he might feel stupid. And I thought maybe if I just act a bit camper he may pick up on the fact .. maybe one day I should just come in wearing pink”

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