International Video Challenge

Representing Sweden: Pacific! – Number OnePacific! are a male electro-pop duo (very 80s in sound) from my Swedish hometown of Gothenburg, and after their great song and video, Hot Lips, last year, I was excited to see the new one, which has the same director. Unbelievably, it’s even more authentically 80s than Hot Lips, but… Continue reading International Video Challenge

Melodifestivalen Round 3

At last it is the week where my very favourite Swedish band take to the stage, and with Carola possibly out of the running, the way is clear for my beloved BWO to take the lead. Could 2008 at last be the year that Alexander Bard reaches Eurovision? Here are my thought on all this… Continue reading Melodifestivalen Round 3

New Pop On The Block

Asia Cruise – Selfish (Video)No relation to Tom as far as I know, this young lady is the latest r’n’b-poppet from the USA. The video is set in a high school, so I automatically thought of Jojo, and I suppose if you cross Jojo with Cassie you can pretty much imagine this song. It’s cute… Continue reading New Pop On The Block

Melodifestivalen Round 2

Ola – Love In StereoI’m a big Ola fan, and this isn’t as good as Natalie or SOS, but I still like it a lot and am supporting him tonight for definite. Proper pop music as it should be made.9/10 Lasse Lindh – Du Behöver Aldrig MerThe Ark’s triumph last year has persuaded a few… Continue reading Melodifestivalen Round 2

Top of the Poptastic!

A little belated best singles of Janaury: 1. Robyn – Be Mine (UK release)2. Alphabeat – Fascination3. Those Dancing Days – Hitten (UK release)4. Private – Crucify My Heart5. Sam Sparro – Black & Gold6. Hot Chip – Ready For The Floor7. Lykke Li – Little Bit (UK release)8. Britney Spears – Piece Of Me9.… Continue reading Top of the Poptastic!

Forget Duffy and Adele

Amanda Jenssen is far superior. She’s Swedish and her new single was written by Vincent! She has to be one of the coolest people to ever come from an Idol show. On top of this, I’ve heard she’s also worked with the amazingly brilliant Marit Bergman on her album, so I’m definitely going to be… Continue reading Forget Duffy and Adele