I need to be entertained

I like Adam Lambert as a person and think he’s very talented, but the style of music he sang on American Idol wasn’t really to my taste. Therefore, I was excited to hear he had ditched the rock star ambitions to work with such greats as Dr Luke, Max Martin and RedOne on his debut… Continue reading I need to be entertained

Bumper Album Review Post

Kate Earl – Kate EarlThere are plenty of female artists channeling Feist and Regina Spektor these days, but Kate Earl is approximately 10 million times better than all of the others. Unlike her competitors, she has not just a handful of good songs but a whole album of amazing ones, and a truly lovely voice… Continue reading Bumper Album Review Post

Question Time with Ke$ha

I’m turning into quite the celebrity hanger-on – it’s one popstar interview after another around here at the moment! The latest to be subjected to my questioning is Ke$ha, an up-and-coming American singer whose career I’ve been excitedly following for about a year now. I loved her songs Boots and Boys and Backstabber, but only… Continue reading Question Time with Ke$ha

New Pop on the Block

Amanda Jenssen – Happyland (Listen)I’m very pleased to announce that Amanda’s music has taken a turn for the poptastic! The male backing vocals remind me of Rachel Stevens or Jamelia in their ’80s phases. The chorus is brilliant – it may well be even better than Amanda’s previous best song, Do You Love Me. It’s… Continue reading New Pop on the Block

Question Time with Menya

Menya may be some of the jolliest people in pop, but they also make some of the dirrrtiest pop music! I’ve been a fan of theirs for a few months now, and I’m really pleased to inform you that the mixtape they’ve been working on is finally ready for release. Best of all, you’ll be… Continue reading Question Time with Menya

Wild Boy

As long-term readers will know, I was once a huge fan of Patrick Wolf, but my affection has fizzled out with his new album. Although he’s still great to see live, the new material is barely listenable for pop-oriented ears like mine. With this in mind, I was extremely pleased to come across the following… Continue reading Wild Boy

Simon Cowell, your days are numbered, owls will get you while you slumber!

I’m usually a fan of Simon Cowell, especially in The X Factor where he tends to be the voice of reason against the voice of evil (and idiocy), Louis Walsh. I was even understanding when he chose not to put my favourites in the Over 25 category, Daniel and TreyC, through to the final 12.… Continue reading Simon Cowell, your days are numbered, owls will get you while you slumber!