Elize and Infernal! Blue Lagoon and Girls “Alound”! How incredibly exciting! And what a shame I’ve already ordered the Infernal CD (for lots of money) as it’ll probably be mega-cheap in Poland. Oh well. Hooray!


In just 13 hours I will begin my journey to Krakow, one of the main cities in Poland. Yes, that means I am leaving my house at 3am. But never mind, because a glance at their current chart suggests it will be very much worth it. While they have the typical Powter and Peas, those… Continue reading Untitled


Freeform Five’s album is only £3.96 on Amazon. For goodness’ sake, BUY IT!!!

All you want for Christmas

Planning your Xmas list already? Well, stop before you make a terrible mistake! The CDs you need on your list this year are as follows:

Put your pom-poms down

The Music section of Myspace (Livejournal’s less intelligent younger sibling) is the depressing home of teenagers making rock music of whatever variety is currently in, but if you look hard enough you can actually find some interesting new acts. By searching for acts influenced by Gwen Stefani, this is what I found: The ButterflysI have… Continue reading Put your pom-poms down

Out on Monday…

is this: So, buy it! If you don’t know why, click here. Also out: AND Monday is going to be expensive…