New Pop On The Block

Rihanna – Umbrella (Video)I loved SOS so much but never thought Rihanna would do anything aywhere near as ace as that, yet she’s come pretty close with this utterly fantastic new single. It’s brilliant in an entirely different way – while SOS was amazing pop music to sing and dance to, Umbrella combines a pounding… Continue reading New Pop On The Block

The Next Big Thing?

586Those of you excited by Bis’ recent reunion may be interested in this new band, who seem to have a similar approach to music. Money Is The Drug could easily be called a racket, but I like the fun and energy of it. We Got Bored has that typically 90s obnoxious teenagers sound, while Saying… Continue reading The Next Big Thing?

International Video Challenge

Representing Romania: Corina – OverdriveIf you liked SOS by Kazakhstan’s A-Studio ft. Polina, which was a reasonable dance hit last year, then you may be equally pleased with this new Romanian (I think – details are hard to find) dance single, currently number 3 in their charts. It has some nice “ah-ah”s and tinkly sound… Continue reading International Video Challenge

New Pop On The Block

Andrea Corr – Hello Boy (Audio)It should be a good thing that Miss Corr has dropped the folk for a new electro-pop sound, but I’d rather she went back to her roots if she’s going to make music as dull as this, even in a normally ace genre. She’s trying to be sultry, but the… Continue reading New Pop On The Block

New Pop On The Block

The Bravery – Time Won’t Let Me Go (Audio)I was a big fan of their hit single Honest Mistake, but their success seemed to trail off after that. Now they’re back with a new album and this is the first release. It’s quite good, with the best bit being the ‘papapa’s towards the end. I… Continue reading New Pop On The Block

Top of the Poptastic!

Sorry it’s soooo late! And I went up to 30 again. No self-control! 1. Måns Zelmerlöw – Cara Mia2. Magnus Carlsson – Live Forever3. Robyn – Konichiwa Bitches4. Mika – Love Today5. Dragonette – I Get Around6. Fountains of Wayne – Someone To Love7. The Sounds – Tony The Beat8. Maia Hirasawa – And I… Continue reading Top of the Poptastic!

Review: Avril Lavigne – The Best Damn Thing

My new found love for little Miss Lavigne shows the true power of a brilliant pop song. Or perhaps just the supreme excellence of Swedish songwriters! I have had a grudge with Avril since she became popular with Complicated, while superior pop-rockers such as Michelle Branch and Amy Studt underperformed, and all their subsequent releases… Continue reading Review: Avril Lavigne – The Best Damn Thing

New Pop On The Block

Missy Higgins – Steer (Video)The Aussie queen of acoustic-pop had some great singles on her last album, her supremely popular (in Australia at least, where it was officially the biggest hit of 2005) debut The Sound Of White, although she never quite broke through in the UK. The first release from her follow-up CD is… Continue reading New Pop On The Block


Somehow, good sense has prevailed and Marion Raven is releasing Break You in the UK! I don’t know why, because she is releasing Falling Away everywhere else, but I won’t question it because Break You is undoubtedly the best thing she’ll ever do. Of course the Max Martin ace-rock bandwagon drove off a year or… Continue reading Yippee!