Learn To Cook With Dirrrty Pop!

Milkshake Ingredients: 1pt milk inc 3tbs jack blackcurrant syrup 2 scoops vanilla ice Method: Shake like a polaroid picture and serve immediately. Black-Eyed Pea Loaf (From The All-American Rejects Bean Book) Ingredients: 2-play tablespoons vegetable oil 1/2 cup finely quaye chopped onion 1 teaspoon curry powderpuff girls 2 cups cooked black-eyed peas — drained 1/3… Continue reading Learn To Cook With Dirrrty Pop!

March 8 – A Day For Your Diary!

Alistair and Phixx both have singles planned for that day. You And Me (Tonight) is kinda soppy but is a good single choice, Love Revolution is poptastic to the extreme. Ooh the excitement! (I do realise this will only excite about 2 readers and annoy the rest of you, but it’s my blog!)

I’m Not Taste-Deficient, Get Me Off Your Mailing List!

Why do I keep getting e-mails from Michelle McManus and McFly? Are they subliminally advertising Big Macs? (I think I’ve just discovered a brilliant nickname for a certain someone!) Why are McFly called that anyway? It’s an utterly stupid name, so I suppose it suits them. And no, I don’t want to play their silly… Continue reading I’m Not Taste-Deficient, Get Me Off Your Mailing List!

In Honour Of Australia Day

Top 5 Aussies In Pop And my favourite of their songs: 1. Darren Hayes – Creepin’ Up On You 2. Delta Goodrem – Predictable 3. Amiel – Obsession (I Love You) 4. Kylie Minogue – Step Back In Time 5. Dannii Minogue – I Begin To Wonder

UK Radio Take Note

I’ve found a brilliant Swedish online radio station! They play lots of Europop as well as up-to-date UK pop and old pop faves, but nothing too ancient. It also doesn’t buffer or break as much as all otehr radio I’ve listened to online has done. So check it out now! Edit: OK so nothing is… Continue reading UK Radio Take Note

Video Killed The Radio Star

Britney Spears – Toxic I really love Britney and In The Zone was one of my favourite Christmas presents in 2003, so the release of the best song from it is bound to get my approval. The video looks very expensive. It’s set mostly in an aeroplane (you’ve probably seen pictures of Britney the air… Continue reading Video Killed The Radio Star

Who’s David?

Is he… a. David Sneddon b. David Cassidy c. David Scooch d. David Hasselhoff e. David Gray Vote now!