Top of the Poptastic!

My favourite singles of September… 1. Marit Bergman feat. Titiyo – 300 Slow Days in a Row2. Miss Li – Ba Ba Ba3. Kleerup ft. Marit Bergman – 3AM4. Girls Aloud – The Promise5. They Live By Night – Catching Up6. Hello Saferide – Anna7. The Saturdays – Up8. The Killers – Human9. Keane –… Continue reading Top of the Poptastic!

New Pop on the Block

Those Dancing Days – Home Sweet Home (Watch)Here’s the next UK single from the world’s coolest girlband. I don’t know if they’ll ever make anything quite as amazing as Hitten again, but this is really cute and jolly song which improves as it goes along. The video is my favourite of theirs so far, and… Continue reading New Pop on the Block

Before the cool done run out they’ll be giving it their bestest

As promised, here are my favourite Idol contestants of 2008! They’ve only got through the first round so far, so expect plenty of these to make it no further than boot camp. However, I’d put a bet on the future Idol-vinnare being in this playlist… Alice Svensson – once sang a Greek Eurovision song… Continue reading Before the cool done run out they’ll be giving it their bestest

10 Things I Love About Idol

The Swedish one, that is. 1. When someone gets through, it means they’re good, and not just that there is a slightly higher chance of them being good than with the ones who didn’t get through. 2. The judges are the writers of some of the world’s most brilliant pop songs, with artists ranging from… Continue reading 10 Things I Love About Idol

Excellent News!

David Archuleta is not going to be the new Leona. He already has 3 good songs to his name, 1 more than Leona has so far accumulated. You may wonder how I can be so sure of this. Well, a little investigation on the ever-useful ASCAP website shows that 2 new songs have been registered… Continue reading Excellent News!

Another unexpected comeback!

If you’re British, unless you’ve been reading this blog for several years, you probably won’t know who The Servant are, even though they’re quite a successful British band. They did release at least one song in the UK called Liquefy, but it got nowhere except for the occasional play on long lost indie music channel… Continue reading Another unexpected comeback!

The Dirrrty Pop Guide to… the Return of Italo Disco

What?Italo Disco is the predecessor of 90’s Eurodance, originating in Italy in the 70’s and 80’s. American disco music was already popular worldwide, and Italo Disco was its European cousin, gaining strength even when evil rock fans in America and the UK tried to stamp out disco in the late 70s. Not many of the… Continue reading The Dirrrty Pop Guide to… the Return of Italo Disco

New Indie-Pop on the Block

Hello Saferide – Anna (Watch)I’m so pleased to see the beautiful, wonderful and fantastic Annika Norlin is back with her band Hello Saferide (which is NOT pronounced “safaridi”!), singing in English again and releasing poptastic hits in her native Sweden. This song is quite sad with its tale of the daughter that never was because… Continue reading New Indie-Pop on the Block