Body Life vs. American Language

I finally got to hear the latest albums by surrogate Britons, Kylie and Madonna today, so half a year after everyone else, let’s compare and contrast and find out who, if either, has kept up their pop icon standards in their new ‘cool’ styles. Kylie Minogue – Body Language Style: nonchalant dancey pop, some r’n’b… Continue reading Body Life vs. American Language

American Idol 3

Fantasia got through as expected and even my other pre-show fave Matthew Metzger, who was cute but not great, came 3rd so could be a wildcard contender. I was very annoyed that Kelly Clarkson mk 2, Diana Degarmo got through as well. Next week should be interesting with both Jesus and Noel Roman, AI3’s Christmas-themed… Continue reading American Idol 3

Brit Awards 2004

What treasures do we have to look forward to this year? Duets between Beyoncé and Outkast and Katie Melua and Jamie Cullum. Surely Jamie grooving with Andre and Big Boi and Beyoncé teaching Katie how to be Bootylicious would be far more worthwhile? The mute button will be firmly pressed on my remote control during… Continue reading Brit Awards 2004

Video Killed The Radio Star

Mark Joseph – Bringing Back Those Memories This guy released a single on his own record company last year which was alright but generally too shouty. This is much better but still a little Oasis-esque. I’ve got a theory that he’s actually the secret half-brother of Alistair and Peter FA2. The video looks a lot… Continue reading Video Killed The Radio Star

Will’s Game

I heard Your Game on the radio for the first time tonight. I don’t listen to the radio very much so I tuned into Core Control especially and was pleased to see he is still no1. He has been for a week or so and before that he was no.1 with Leave Right Now on… Continue reading Will’s Game

Two Years

6 no.1s, too many awards to count and finally the critical acclaim he deserves. That’s right, today is the 9th of February, two years to the day that this happened:

Video Killed The Radio Star

Blink 182 – I Miss You This song might be alright sung by someone else. I just find the singer’s voice so annoying. The video isn’t really my thing either. No Doubt – Bathwater (Remix) This is a pretty good song that was released in America in the early days of No Doubt’s career but… Continue reading Video Killed The Radio Star

American Idol Update

So they’re down to the final 32 and sadly scooter girl and the asian guy with the proud dad have gone, but less sadly so has Clay 2. On a more jolly note, the final 32 round starts next week with this lovely lot. I’m backing Fantastia for pure brilliance and Matthew for vague cuteness… Continue reading American Idol Update