Melodi Club

So, it’s that time again… and the last one this year! There will of course be Andra Chansen next week and the final the week after, but this is the last Friday where we get 8 brand new Swedish pop songs. We’d better make the most of it! Star Pilots – HigherAlthough they make dance-pop,… Continue reading Melodi Club

The Next Big Thing?

Erik HassleWith Erik Hassle, it was love at first listen. OK, I only discovered him a few minutes ago, but I’m already obsessed. Some pop acts are just special and within seconds of the stunningly beautiful Hurtful I was certain that Erik belonged to that category. His other fantastic songs proved me correct. He’s like… Continue reading The Next Big Thing?

New Svenskpop on the Block

West End Girls – Little Black Dress (Watch)Tribute bands like A*Teens and West End Girls always have the problem of what to do once they’ve covered all the best/their favourite songs by the artist they are a tribute to. Luckily for the West End Girls, they had impressed the Pet Shop Boys so much that… Continue reading New Svenskpop on the Block

Pipettes Update

First there was Rose, Becki and Julia. Then Julia decided she didn’t want to be a popstar, and in came poptastic Gwenno to replace her. The band became a success, but after only one album, Becki and Rose also decided to leave the band. By this time, they had even outdone the Sugababes, with no… Continue reading Pipettes Update


Marina & the Diamonds performed live on Dermot O’Leary’s radio show last weekend, and did a brilliant cover of What You Waiting For by Gwen Stefani, as well as her own song Obsessions. Click here and skip to 16:30 to hear it. She’s also set up a Twitter account – click here to follow her.

New Pop on the Block

Kelly Clarkson – I Do Not Hook Up (Listen)If you thought that My Life Would Suck was just a retread of Kelly’s past work, you’ll certainly think the same of her next single, and this one doesn’t even have any Swedish people involved in it! Even worse, guess who was involved? Only the one rock-pop… Continue reading New Pop on the Block

The Next Big Thing?

ElouiseWith the success of retro-pop female singers in the past few years, and the current 50th anniversary celebrations for Motown, it’s no surprise that Elouise is going for a Motown sound with her music. She even samples the classic Marvelettes single, Needle in a Haystack on her song Since You’ve Been Gone. It’s a lovely,… Continue reading The Next Big Thing?

Number One? I think so!

In a wonderful case of ‘anything the USA can do, we can do better’, Tinchy Stryder and N-Dubz have made Kanye, Ne-Yo and Akon seem like total novices. If you’d told me a few months ago that I would be excited to hear of a collaboration between Tinchy and N-Dubz, I would certainly not have… Continue reading Number One? I think so!