Top of the Poptastic!

Here are my top 20 singles of July, with one of the countries they’re being released in: 1. Scissor Sisters – I Don’t Feel Like Dancing (UK)2. Elize – Into Your System (Holland)3. Bosson – You (Sweden)4. Bertine Zetlitz – 500 (Norway)5. Jojo – Too Little Too Late (USA)6. Najoua Belyzel – Je Ferme Les… Continue reading Top of the Poptastic!

International Video Challenge

Representing Turkey: Mustafa Sandal – All My LifeIf you’re missing Eurovision, you’re in luck cos I’ve found a song that epitomises recent Eastern male entries. It’s got everything – ethnic sounds, very basic lyrics, a semi-handsome singer cavorting with a lady-friend and doing a bit of random dancing in a majestic building. It’s not the… Continue reading International Video Challenge

DP:UK Trinity Stone – Move A Little CloserIt’s always exciting to have a new pop group coming out, but I have to say I’m a bit disappointed by this new urban girlgroup. The song is likeable with a catchy chorus, but it doesn’t exactly jump out at you and there’s nothing new or innovative about… Continue reading DP:UK

Brilliant News!

Flicking through music channels last night I was suddenly confronted by a wonderfully familiar voice and a burst of bright yellow on the screen. I quickly realised what I was seeing and an unstoppable grin spread across my face. It was the video to Satellites by September! I knew it had been slightly remixed for… Continue reading Brilliant News!


Which of these singles are best? The Feeling – Never Be Lonely Inner City Playboys – Jetsetter Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars Captain – Glorious Mousse T vs The Dandy Warhols – Horny As A Dandy Alesha – Lipstick Tom Novy ft. Lima – Take It Robbie Williams – Rudebox Nelly Furtado – Promiscuous Sarah… Continue reading Untitled

DP:UK Bosson – A Little More TimeHis latest single You is fab Euro disco-pop, but it’s far from the first great single he’s released. Here’s another of my favourites, a song he released in 2003. Bosson’s real name is Stefan Olsson and you may not think you’ve heard anything by him before but if you’ve… Continue reading DP:UK

New Pop On The Block

Boris – Within My Hands (Video)The Netherlands is a country that keeps its pop music to itself – a great shame since have one of the best pop industries in the world. However, according to Arjan Writes, 2004’s Idols winner Boris Titulaer is set to release his latest hit in America along with an album,… Continue reading New Pop On The Block


I love how Darren Hayes decided to approach the whole ‘coming out’ thing, basically saying “Yeah, so… I got married! To a man!” It is all quite lovely, really. Things are going better than ever for him at the moment, what with this and freedom at last from rubbish Sony. Unlike most acts for whom… Continue reading Awwww!!!