Video Killed The Radio Star

Girls Aloud – Love Machine I seem to be in the minority because I absolutely love GA’s new single and can’t get it out of my head, whilst many others were disappointed with it. I feel like some people have tricked themselves into not liking it cos if they did it might seem like they… Continue reading Video Killed The Radio Star

Europop Quiz!

Now you’ve learnt all about Europop you’ll be all ready to take the Europop quiz! Part 1: Who sings this? 1. Upside Down 2. Guilty 3. Turn Back Time 4. Despre Tine 5. Boys Part 2: Where are they from? 1. Venke Knutson 2. September 3. Alizée 4. Elisa 5. K-otic Part 3: Identify these… Continue reading Europop Quiz!


Annie – Chewing Gum I’ve been enjoying Heartbeat for a few weeks now so I was very excited to hear her single with Richard X, Chewing Gum. And it is just as I expected – as fun and catchy as you can possibly imagine and soaring straight into my top 10 singles of the year… Continue reading Untitled

A-Z Of Europop

tATu Who? The Russian pretend lesbians who caused a stir in 2003 with a new publicity stunt every day and managed to have one of the biggest hits of the year with All The Things She Said. Nationality: Russian Best song: All The Things She Said Vanilla Ninja Who? Estonian 4-piece girl band who have… Continue reading A-Z Of Europop

New Darren Hayes Songs!

Here are some small clips from the Popular single: click and click Touch sounds halfway between old Darren and Pop!ular Darren and Zero is a bit more on the old Darren side but both are positively lovely and making me very excited about buying this single. I just love his voice and sound so very… Continue reading New Darren Hayes Songs!

A-Z Of Europop

Pauline (Kamusewu) Who? Soulful young female singer who recently released her fab Motown-esque album, Candy Rain. Nationality: Swedish Best song: Running Out Of Gaz Rasmus Who? Creators of one of the UK’s biggest rock hits this year, In The Shadows and one of the biggest bands in Europe right now. Nationality: Finnish Best song: In… Continue reading A-Z Of Europop