You’ve Got To Download It!

My favourite song of this week is the fantastic Travel Girl by Hitchhike. I downloaded the mp3 from Enthusiastic But Mediocre who seem to know little more than I do about the song. It’s a hit in the Greek charts right now and is basically an American girl talking about hitchhiking over a beat that Girls Aloud would be immensely proud of. Some of my favourite lines are:

“I wake up and the dude driving has his pants down. Huh? What the fuck?”

“Woah! That guy was whacked out!”

“And even worse, he kept chattering about electric cars – what? What? Never mind”

And the chorus:

“I am the travel girl, I travel round the world, the only friend I have is the one that picks me next”

So I urge everyone to hear this piece of excellence immediately!

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