Top 6 Most Exciting Pop Things Of The Near Future

1. The comebacks of Darren Hayes and the Backstreet Boys2. WinterKids & Alphabeat’s albums3. Robyn’s concerts this week and next month4. Patrick Wolf’s Magic Position video5. The Melodifestivalen final – go Måns & The Ark!6. Discotech by Young Love being the biggest hit of 2007

New Pop On The Block

Bat For Lashes – Prescilla (Video)Natasha Khan would be my style icon if she didn’t remind me just slightly, but enough to be off-putting, of Joss Stone. However, the loveliness of this song, which really reminds me of the amazing Italian singer Elisa, pretty much makes up for it, and the video is completely captivating.… Continue reading New Pop On The Block

American Idol 2007

As those of you who’ve been reading DP for a year at least will know I am a huge fan of this show. It’s definitely my no.1 reality show, for its general silliness, drama and the surprise appearance of talent every so often. There are annoying contestants too but they’re always much more amusing than… Continue reading American Idol 2007

Melodifestivalen Week 4

Magnus Uggla:Schlagertastic! A big star with a great song means a safe bet for going through tonight, I think. Emilé Azar:A very nice pop song in Swedish but quite dated – not going to change the world at all. Sanna Nielsen:She’s made the MF final 3 times before and this is rather good (like Celine… Continue reading Melodifestivalen Week 4

Now there’s no excuse

not to own one of the most brilliant pop albums of the 21st century. Dialogue by The Honeymoon is available in your local Fopp for only £3, or you can buy it here online for the same price. What are you waiting for?


Will you be my popstar boyfriend? [youtube=] We were even born in the same year – it’s meant to be!