Popping The Question: What’s So Great About MP3 Players?

In the last 2 years, mp3 players have become the must have gadget and every self-respecting teenager or fashion-concious adult owns one. This is, of course, mostly down to Apple’s iPods being the latest big trend, but this has had a massive effect on the music industry. Most obviously, it has changed the way people… Continue reading Popping The Question: What’s So Great About MP3 Players?

Helpless Fool For Pop

This week is an absolutely mega-ace one not only for new Will songs but also for new single releases, with some of the best songs of the whole year being released. So in order of aceness: Andy Bell – CrazyI’ve probably gone on about this song enough already but considering it’s not even being sold… Continue reading Helpless Fool For Pop


Woah! I’ve just heard the full version of Switch It On and I’m even more excited about it than I was before – it is absolutely amazingly brilliant and fantastic! Definitely the best thing he has done yet, and that means a lot coming from such a big fan as me. You know it’s going… Continue reading Untitled


Will Young has gone… ELECTRO!!!!! !!WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!! and also, HOORAY!! My one issue with Will over the past years has been that as much as I love him to bits and he has been probably the most influential person on my teenage pop-loving years, his music has never precisely reflected the kind… Continue reading WOW!

Video Killed The Radio Star

Andy Bell – CrazyI am crazy in love with this song! it’s exciting enough when anyone releases a catchy pop song these days, so when it’s an amazingly brilliant one like this it’s a very special occasion. Crazy even sounds like BWO in places, and that is a sure sign of greatness! He is a… Continue reading Video Killed The Radio Star

A going-away present

As some of you will know, I’m moving house tomorrow which means, thanks to the stupidity of phone companies, I’m not going to have access to the Internet for at least a week. So I am leaving you something to read in the meantime – this is a fanzine that I created a few weeks… Continue reading A going-away present

Thank You For The Music

Continuing my series on pop songwriters, next up is… Max Martin & Cheiron One of the best and most famous pop songwriters of the past decade has to be Max Martin. Born Martin Samdberg in February 1971, his career in music began when he left school to join a glam-metal group named It’s Alive, who… Continue reading Thank You For The Music