Remember Ayla from this year’s American Idol? Well, probably not, but I suspect a few more of you remember the late 90s girlband Hepburn, and their single I Quit, which Ayla has borrowed to release as her own debut, along with 2 Ruby Amanfu songs, Sugah and Know You Better. I’m sure Hepburn would be… Continue reading News

Top 3 Videos of the Moment

A slightly unimaginative post subject I know, but it’s better than the nothing I have rather sadly been providing you with of late. If you’ve read Paradise Lost you’ll understand. Darin – PerfectYay! Darin returns with yet another new style, although it’s still great commercial pop music which is so far superior to anything male… Continue reading Top 3 Videos of the Moment

A mystery solved!

Around the turn of the century a boyband existed called Northern Line. One of the members was called Andy, and a couple of years later he reappeared as a top 30 contestant on the first series of Pop Idol, going on to join the cast of We Will Rock You, and I even spotted him… Continue reading A mystery solved!

What’s going on?

McFly are no.1 in the midweeks, which is shocking for 2 reasons: 1. It’s supposed to be Girls Aloud! and 2. I haven’t even heard the song yet, how can it be released? In less shocking but much more amusing news, I recommend everyone watches this hilarious video. Look out for the blue man at… Continue reading What’s going on?

Calling all Swedophiles

If you’re in the Brighton area this weekend you should come along to this: I’ve already bargained with the DJ for some Robyn and Melody Club, so if we can ignore all the indie music it should be quite acetastic.

The Xtremely Late Factor

I know it’s a whole week since the first X Factor live show but I only just saw it and I wouldn’t like to deprive you of my opinions… RobertI didn’t think it was possible for jolliness to be a bad thing, but here is the proof – Robert is a pretty good singer but… Continue reading The Xtremely Late Factor


Although we’re far more interested in the Greatest Hits of Girls Aloud and the Sugababes, there are others on their way for the Xmas period, including that of Moby who has used this as an excuse to make his first proper pop song, with an ace video and vocals from Debbie Harry, no less! I… Continue reading News

New Pop On The Block

Justin Timberlake – My Love (Video)This was my favourite on the new JT album, until I saw the video remix version and suddenly I was rather less fond of it. When is JC’s video going to be revealed? If Justin can make songs as ace as Until Yesterday, why would he give them away, when… Continue reading New Pop On The Block

A Strange Discovery

Curiosity aroused by DSTP‘s mention, I went to look at the details of the new Ultra album which was quite randomly released this week. This was a surprise enough, but even more so when I found that some of the songs were Alistair Griffin standards (songs he wrote pre-Fame Academy and appeared on his album)… Continue reading A Strange Discovery