He’s a hip-hopper, yes he is

Just now listening to the new Sugababes album (rather good, but the last one was better), I had a realisation. I have no idea what Klas Åhlund looks like, so in my mind he is a rapping teddybear!

High School TV Series

So, I was brave and watched the first episode of Britannia High. The prospects weren’t good: It’s on ITV, and the premise seemed very familiar. Anyone remember I Dream? Anyone remember what happened to S Club 8 after I Dream? Exactly. However, there’s nothing I like more than a teen drama interspersed with singing and… Continue reading High School TV Series

Discoveries of the Week

1. One of the writers of Girls by the Sugababes is Anna McDonald, the new Pipette who isn’t Gwenno’s sister! 2. If you sing Purple Rain in a Spanish accent, it sounds like “I only want to see you in the pot pourri”! 3. Is this the most genius (for its simplicity) money-making scheme ever?… Continue reading Discoveries of the Week

Is Sweden even real?

Sometimes I wonder if it is something I dreamed up, because things happen there that are just too amazing to be believed. On their Idol programme they’re at the same point as X Factor, and last night was the first of the live finals. Last year was the first series I watched, and I remember… Continue reading Is Sweden even real?

Austin Drag, more like!

I’d be surprised if no-one else has picked up on this already, but I hadn’t heard about it and it is quite hilarious. For some reason I just remembered the TV show Boys Will Be Girls, where boyband members were turned into a girlband. I Googled it to remember who’d been in it (I didn’t… Continue reading Austin Drag, more like!