I Should Be So Lucky!

I’ve finally got my hands on an mp3 of the new Phixx song. And how fantastic it is! It doesn’t sound quite as good as on the brilliant video but it’s still the one of the 2 best songs out at the moment (the other is Toxic, of course). Love Revolution gets really brilliant about… Continue reading I Should Be So Lucky!

Music Plasma

This site is not half as clever as it thinks it is. You go to the front page and it asks you to type your favourite singer, so I type Will Young obviously. A kind of map pops up with Will in the middle surrounded with colourful dots with other pop stars names on. So… Continue reading Music Plasma

Will’s Home From Oz!

Looking very tanned! News on Your Game video – it features Will dancing on water in a theatre. Should be good!

Look What I Found!

I made this during Pop Idol then forgot about it, so I thought I’d post it up now. Better late than never and all that!