A-Z Of Europop

French Affair Who? Group responsible for the brilliant Euro hits My Heart Goes Boom, Sexy and Comme Ci Comme Ca in 2000. Nationality: French Best song: My Heart Goes Boom Groove Coverage Who? Owner of one of the year’s biggest and catchiest dance hits in Europe, a cover of Poison by Alice Cooper. Nationality: German… Continue reading A-Z Of Europop

Usher Haters Unite

Please visit the ladies at The Pop to view yet another excellent example of Usher hating: http://www.livejournal.com/users/cfbgoespop/309311.html He is evil. Don’t let yourself be the next Darren Hayes/my sister/the record buying public.

A to Z of Europop

Here is part 2, B to E! Band Ohne Namen Who? Male duo (Guy and Claus) also known as b.o.n or the guys who did the slightly naughty video with the nuns for their brilliant single Boys. Nationality: German Best song: Boys Bodies Without Organs Who? Also from the Army Of Lovers stable, BWO are… Continue reading A to Z of Europop

A to Z of Europop

People keep saying to me they wish they knew more about Europop so I thought I would write a basic guide introducing all the best acts. I started making a list but found that so many of the important bands began with A that the whole first post will be dedicated to them. The ‘best… Continue reading A to Z of Europop

Repeat After Me: “We Are Not Uncool, We Are Post-Cool!”

I loved this Times article (linked from NYPLM) about how cool is not cool anymore and instead people are beginning to prefer honest, unpretentious pop and a new culture of ‘post-cool’. The writer’s main reason for thinking this is the popularity of the Scissor Sisters and the Darkness, even among the types of people who… Continue reading Repeat After Me: “We Are Not Uncool, We Are Post-Cool!”

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If you want to put a button link to Dirrrty Pop on your site here is the new one I have made:   A work of art, I think you will (not) agree!

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