Cos She’s So Claire Voyant, The Way She Looks (Into The Future)

Meet Claire Voyant, Dirrrty Pop’s new resident fortune teller, and her psychic sidekick Sybil the hamster. Pictures not to scale. They’re here to tell us the future of pop music. Here are their predictions for the month of May. Claire: I predict that there will be no.1s for Ronan & LeAnn and Frankee, as well… Continue reading Cos She’s So Claire Voyant, The Way She Looks (Into The Future)

Terrible News!

I was just sitting quite happily at the computer when I heard a song I recognised coming from upstairs. I suddenly decided I loved the song but it wasn’t until I had stood at the bottom of the stairs singing along to the whole thing until I realised it was…Twen2y 4 Se7en! For people who… Continue reading Terrible News!

Video Killed The Radio Star

Kristian Leontiou – Story Of My Life I knew nothing about Kristian before I saw his video or heard the song, except that he is Canadian and dresses in a ‘skate punk’ style. Sounds brilliant…not! Have you ever come across a likeable Canadian skate punk singer? Or in fact any likeable Canadian singers at all.… Continue reading Video Killed The Radio Star

So US As Idol

Watching American Idol last night, my Mum noticed someone in the audience wearing a very silly orange hat. I agreed that it was horrible, but moments later noticed something quite disturbing – the owner bore a strong resemblance to So Oz As Idol champion, Guy Sebastian. A few minutes later, Ryan confirmed my suspisions –… Continue reading So US As Idol

The Music Of My *Heart*

Edward asked me to recommend some good new pop so I thought I would post some great songs for everyone to ignore enjoy! Shebang – Romeo I only downloaded this today but I am in love with this band already, mainly because I just went on their website and *MAN IN DRESS ALERT!* that happened.… Continue reading The Music Of My *Heart*

Fab News!

Maroon 5 are no.4 in the midweeks! They’re only being beaten by Eamon, D12 and The Rasmus which are all huge singles so I’m very pleased with that, especially considering the last single went in at no.16. This Love is the highest new entry this week. They’re proper big stars now! James Fox is at… Continue reading Fab News!

Top 5 Albums Of The Year SO FAR!

These are albums that I’ve aquired this year cos there aren’t many good ones released yet. 1. Scissor Sisters – Scissor Sisters 2. JC Chasez – Schizophrenic 3. All Girl Summer Fun Band – 2 4. Butterfly Boucher – Flutterby 5. Nelly Furtado – Folklore

Coming Soon!

The Top 50 Buff Hotties In Pop! I’m sure you’re all on the edge of your seats already.