Stars of 2017: Raye

As I wrote last week, the 2017 ones to watch lists are sadly lacking in pop artists so far, but there is actually one who’s appearing on pretty much all of them. Raye has been tipped for the top in 2017 by  i-D, Apple Music, Vevo, MTV and Google Play, as well as the BBC’s… Continue reading Stars of 2017: Raye

Stars of 2017: Kehlani

Kehlani’s music isn’t as poptastic as most of the artists I’ve chosen for this list, but she’s here because she has more star quality than most new artists, from any genre, could dream of. So many up-and-coming female singers are compared to Rihanna, but with Kehlani I think it’s justified. She has the same combination… Continue reading Stars of 2017: Kehlani

Stars of 2017: Grace VanderWaal

America’s Got Talent, just like Britain’s Got Talent, doesn’t have a great history of producing successful pop stars, but Grace VanderWaal has demonstrated how an artist with true star potential can use these huge shows as a platform to gain international fame in an instant, especially if they’re clear on who they are and what… Continue reading Stars of 2017: Grace VanderWaal