BWO must have been reading my blog, since they have pencilled in the release of their new album for the very month I will be arriving in Sweden and living there for the next 3 and a half months! The first single is a cover of an Alcazar song (Save My Pride, which was a… Continue reading WOW!

Popping The Question: Is there such a thing as Boy Power?

When listening to the Alphabeat album, with its mix of male and female lead vocals, I got thinking about the way I describe singers and their music when reviewing it. So many times I have called a female pop star ‘fierce’ or ‘feisty’ or celebrated the ‘girl power’ of a singer – everyone from Gwen… Continue reading Popping The Question: Is there such a thing as Boy Power?

The Music Of My *Heart*

Something Old: Arcade Fire – Neighbourhood #1 (Tunnels) (Watch)While everyone else is busy raving about their new album, I finally decided to obtain their previous effort, and see if I could be persuaded to like anything on it apart from Rebellion (Lies), which we all already know is a legendary track of aceness. The attempt… Continue reading The Music Of My *Heart*

The Next Big Thing?

Air Traffic (Video)My expectation that Air Traffic were going to be ‘the new Feeling’ was clearly quite a mistake, unless this single is entirely atypical of their sound, because it’s nothing like The Feeling. Personally I’m much favouring Ghosts or Tiny Dancers in the ‘new Feeling’ stakes, but really I don’t think we need a… Continue reading The Next Big Thing?

New Pop On The Block

Just Jack – Glory DaysI was expecting him to re-release Writer’s Block after the success of Starz In Their Eyes, but I’m glad he hasn’t because I don’t want it to be ruined by being a huge hit. I really like the video for this (the over-literal dancing is funny and the idea of picture/logo… Continue reading New Pop On The Block