New Pop On The Block

The Kooks – Ooh La (Video)After the brilliance of their last single, I had high hopes for this one but it seems they are back to the old ways of their ‘quite good but not brilliant’ breakthrough single Naive. Their distinctive sound is just too restrictive for them to have more than one great song,… Continue reading New Pop On The Block

Thoughts of the Day

1. Why is Robbie turning himself into a half-rate George Michael? Maybe he is jealous of Mr Panayiotou’s forthcoming duet with Mutya.2. Elusive by Scott Matthews seems much less lovely when you hear his Wolverhampton accent. He sounds like Mark out of Sam & Mark’s dad.

Fantasy Cover Versions

If I had the power to rearrange the world of pop, I would make the following artists sing the following songs: Lordi ft. Rachel Stevens – Sweetest Poison (Nu Pagadi)It already sounds like a mash-up of Hard Rock Hallelujah and Some Girls. Jamelia – Handle Me (Robyn)Her new album is great but this would be… Continue reading Fantasy Cover Versions

I know, right?

The Scissor Sisters seem to have sold out, and in realising this I also noted that they are just like Cady in Mean Girls. They arrive on the scene, unknown and unpopular but of course much acer than all the popular kids. At first the popular kids hate them, cos they are, like, soooo uncool.… Continue reading I know, right?

Single Wars!

This week Singles Wars is cancelled, because there is nothing out and we are boycotting pop music. This does not mean I can’t buy Ta-Dah and I recommend you do the same, if only just to pass the time.


Some over-enthusiastic shoppers may have cost them their major label record deal, but The Modern won’t be kept away for long. They’re back as a 3-piece with a new name, Matinee Club, and plans to release their old track Discotheque Francais which can be heard on their MySpace. Linda Sundblad of Lambretta is finally releasing… Continue reading News


Radio: I may have missed most of Scissor Sisters Day today on Radio 1 but I did manage to catch some of their take-over of the Essential Selection dance music show, in which they played such retro aceness as Vibeology by Paula Abdul and What Is Love? by Deee-Lite. You can listen again at Radio… Continue reading Recommendations