Will Woz Robbed!

Yay for:

Lemar winning an award

No-one laughing at Avid Merrion

Will being on TV, even when it was meant to be Bedders’ moment of glory

Justin (the only Justin worth mentioning) winning 2 awards

The spectacularly cute and ace Jamie Cullum and Katie Melua who should get married and have lots of babies right now even though they don’t look old enough to legally do either

The White Stripes being quite funny actually

Honourable mentions: Basement Jaxx, Outkast, Beyoncé (What kind of duet involves two people not even on the same stage? Still they were good separately)

Boo for:

Gwen & friends being disappointing

My Dad telling me Will had won when he hadn’t

Will not winning

BRITs judges being total naughty words

Everything else, especially the Darkness (2 songs?!), 50 Cent, BEPs, Duran Duran (200 songs?!), Busted…

Edit: HEY! What happened to Mad World? Gary J & TFF were meant to be singing it and possibly being good. Grr!

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