My Euro Top 10 Of The Moment

1. SheMale – Étre Une Femme French ‘girl’ group, extremely catchy, sounds like SC8 singing French. 2. September – We Can Do It/September All Over Dancey pop, vocals a mix of Jo and Rachel ex-S Club. 3. Hitchhike – Travel Girl Amazing spoken disco-y track from Greece (in English). 4. Natasha Thomas – It’s All… Continue reading My Euro Top 10 Of The Moment

Never Forget: 90s Boyband Week

Boyzone Career: 94-99 Best song: All That I Need Fact: All members have released singles since Boyzone: Ronan, Stephen and Mikey as soloists and Keith and Shane as a (terrible) duo. Hanson Career: 97-00 Best song: I Will Come To You Fact: Hanson are still around and releasing new material in America. Next Of Kin… Continue reading Never Forget: 90s Boyband Week

Happy Happy Happy!

I am so pleased that James won Making Your Mind Up. He might not have been my favourite on Fame Academy (although he does live with him and appear on his album), but the fact that he was on that show and isn’t Barry makes him a deserving winner. Any victory for FA-ers is great… Continue reading Happy Happy Happy!

I’ve Made My Mind Up!

Vote James because: He’s from Fame Academy 2. He’s Alistair’s flatmate. There’s no-one else worth voting for.

Dougie Update

Turns out that Dougie McFly is older than me and Aaron SC8, but only by a few weeks. He’s even older than the original Aaron of pop, forgotten before he turned 12, Aaron Carter. Anyway, I read Dougie’s profile on McFly’s fan site and I am still undecided about whether he is worth liking. Let’s… Continue reading Dougie Update

Weekly American Idol Rant

This week was a huge imporvement on the first two, as there were several fantastic singers. LaToya was obviously amazing and will be hard to beat. She did a bit of a Will on us, as I could barely remember her and then she really outshone everyone. Amy was pretty good too and seems like… Continue reading Weekly American Idol Rant

Oh dear!

I think I fancy one of McFly. This would not be terribly worrying, except it is the 15-yr-old one. He’s younger than me! He’s even younger than Aaron SC8! This is not good at all.