Top of the Poptastic!

Février has come to end and I do believe it’s time for a reshuffle in the chart of the year that I am cleverly building up to prevent any embarrassing forgetfulness at the end of the year. First of all, my top 20 songs of February (not including songs from January’s chart): 1. Rihanna –… Continue reading Top of the Poptastic!

New Pop On The Block

Infernal – From Paris To BerlinLike many of you I’ve known and loved this song for a long time now – I even got their album for Christmas and it’s excellent, but I had pretty much given up hope on it ever getting released in the UK. However, it has now been added to The… Continue reading New Pop On The Block

American Idol – my top 12

After watching the first round of the American Idol live shows, here is who I would like to make it eventually to the top 12: Boys: Will MakarSuper-cute and lovely, the best of the teenage boys. Taylor HicksThe weirdest of all but clearly very talented. Ace YoungHow could he not get through with a name… Continue reading American Idol – my top 12

Melodi Club

For those insterested, the results of tonight’s Melodifestivalen are: Finalists:Magnus (yippee!) and Kikki Andra Chansen (like the wildcard round in Idol shows):Niclas and Velvet The losers:Osten med resten, Sonya, Pablo and Elephantz Well done Magnus! Next week is the most exciting of all as Bodies Without Organs will be unveiling their new single and performing… Continue reading Melodi Club

Melodi Club

First I must apologise for my lack of coverage of last week’s first round of Melodifestivalen – I was in fact in Belgium, but I did pick up a copy of Kate Ryan’s excellent Eurovision entry, Je t’adore, which surely makes up for it! So, this week’s songs have just been posted up on,… Continue reading Melodi Club


Is there a doctor in the house? I think there’s something wrong with my taste in music. I really like the new All American Rejects single. What’s really worrying is there’s no reason I should like this, out of all the rock songs to choose from. Why this one, when I can’t bear any of… Continue reading Help!


Read my review of Darin’s album here.

The “real” Brits

This is who the nominations and awards should have gone to: Best PopGirls AloudWill YoungBodies Without Organs <- Win!RobynRachel Stevens Best urbanRobyn <- Win!DarinM.I.AConner ReevesFannypack Best RockThe VeronicasFefe DobsonKaiser ChiefsMelody Club <- Win!The Ark Best British SingleWill Young – Switch It OnRachel Stevens – I Said Never Again (But Here We Are) <- Win!Andy Bell… Continue reading The “real” Brits