Top of the Poptastic!

Here are my favourite singles of January… 1. Private – Killer on the Dancefloor2. Britney Spears – If U Seek Amy3. Christina Milian – Us Against the World4. Girls Aloud – The Loving Kind5. Lily Allen – The Fear6. N-Dubz – Strong Again7. David Archuleta – A Little Too Not Over You8. Flo Rida –… Continue reading Top of the Poptastic!

International Video Challenge

Representing Germany: Queensberry – I Can’t Stop FeelingAs winners of the latest German version of Popstars, this time creating a girl group, there is plenty of buzz around them at the moment, but they’re naturally going to need to release some great singles to make sure that their success continues. The most successful acts from… Continue reading International Video Challenge

Got a question for Dr Pop?

I am currently putting together a special new project… well, I say new, but actually it’s a revival of an old one. My long-term readers will remember that I have previously put together 2 pop zines, called Poptastisk (Swedish for poptastic). Since it is one of my life aims (along with being head of Eurovision… Continue reading Got a question for Dr Pop?

Now I definitely need a new name for this blog

A crappy new girlgroup have announced that they have created a new genre called Dirty Pop. Erm, excuse me, but you are forgetting that the almighty *N Sync invented that genre 8 YEARS AGO! Very new indeed.

I love Ola, but…

his performance (click fler klipp on the left to see it) at Swedish award show Rockbjörnen (“the rock bear” – no, I don’t know why it’s called that!) the other day was terrible. He looks awful with that hairstyle, and his vocals were pitiful. If he didn’t have one of Sweden’s best production teams on… Continue reading I love Ola, but…

New Pop on the Block

Melody Club – Girls Don’t Always Wanna Have Fun (Listen)I started off quite underwhelmed by the new Melody Club single, but it has grown on me with more listens, as I hoped it would. It’s still nowhere near their best material, but considering how brilliant Melody Club have been in the past, that’s not a… Continue reading New Pop on the Block

Brighton’s Got Talent

I’ve discovered the new Amy Diamond! I just didn’t expect it to be a 13 year old boy from Brighton. Today I was in town and there was a boy singing by the shopping centre. I thought he was really good, so I went to his MySpace when I got home. The first song, Great… Continue reading Brighton’s Got Talent

Hilarious news about The Script

Two of the members used to be in MyTown! I wonder if anyone remembers MyTown except for me? These days it sounds more like a social network than a boyband. This is what they used to look like: This was one of their videos: [youtube=] I’m sure they’d disagree, but I think it’s miles better… Continue reading Hilarious news about The Script