Bleeding Love is written by Jesse McCartney? JESSE MCCARTNEY??? He has never even had a good song by himself – how did he manage to write one as amazing as this for someone else? It is a complete mystery. He was in Dream Street, for goodness sake. I am entirely in shock! In related news,… Continue reading NO WAY!


I was just catching up on the state of the UK charts, and noticed quite an interesting pattern. Since downloads have been included in the charts, they had become quite strange and indecipherable – it was impossible to know, when a new song entered the charts at 30, for example, if it was going to… Continue reading Ch-ch-changes

The Next Big Thing?

Blake LewisHe and his great pal Chris (combined they were known, quite brilliantly, as Cake) were my definite favourites on American Idol this year, although I also loved the eventual winner, Jordin. In fact, it was surely the most satisfying final 5 on any reality show, since I supported all of them and hated none.… Continue reading The Next Big Thing?

New Svenskpop On The Block

Gummy Bear – Jag är en Gummibjörn (Watch)This is one of the weirdest novelty songs I have ever heard. First there was a hideous song (similar to Crazy Frog) about gummy bears in the Swedish charts, and now it has been replaced by one in Swedish. It is rather surreal, but quite handy for practicing… Continue reading New Svenskpop On The Block

The Next Big Thing?

MaeSharing their name with many British teenagers’ grandmothers is perhaps not the best start, and this lot are just as uncool (in my eyes), but in an entirely different way. They sound like Fall Out Boy, but a slight MOR version. Brink Of Disaster is like their version of Sugar We’re Going Down, but more… Continue reading The Next Big Thing?

New Pop On The Block

Justin & Beyoncé – Until The End Of Time (Listen)So, two super-famous popstars, responsible for some amazing hits in the past, team up for a duet. Normally I’d be really excited, but looking back to other recent examples of this happening, it’s not really a recipe for brilliance. Think Walk This Way, or Beautiful Liar… Continue reading New Pop On The Block


I think The Streets’ version of Your Song is the worst cover I’ve ever heard. Absolutely awful!