Boybands, and another one…

I’ve been predicting for a while now that the prominence of pop is going to be imminently overturned and it looks like my fear that (despite being generally brilliant) The Wanted are the unwitting ringleaders, as Busted were eight years ago, is sadly coming true. Although The Wanted’s songs, even more so than Busted’s, are… Continue reading Boybands, and another one…

The Next Big Thing?

FOEI chanced upon FOE (aka Hannah Louise Clark) on MySpace about a year ago and thought the few gothy indie-pop songs she had posted online were excellent, so I was very pleased to see lots of buzz building up around her over the last few weeks. Unfortunately I’m not as keen on her new single… Continue reading The Next Big Thing?

Viva la Festa

X Factor 2010 may have been the launchpad for one of the series’ worst winners yet, but it also introduced us to some of the most interesting, charismatic contestants they’ve ever had. While Cher Lloyd made her way to the final 3, my other favourite Nicolo Festa was not so lucky. His sense of humour… Continue reading Viva la Festa

It’s gonna be a bumpy ride

I’ve never had any interest in the Hoosiers (regardless of whether they thought they were in the 60s or the 80s) but this Guardian article, written as they self-release their new album Bumpy Ride after being dropped from their former label RCA, is a fascinating insight into the workings of the music industry. It also… Continue reading It’s gonna be a bumpy ride


To celebrate the birthday of writer/producer supreme RedOne, I’ve put together a list of my top 10 favourite RedOne songs that were never a hit in the UK. Give them a listen and you will see how much more there is to him than rehashes of Just Dance and Poker Face. 1. Darin ft. Kat… Continue reading RedTen

Top 2 Most Exciting Solo Careers of 2011

I was planning to do a top five, but no-one else comes close to my excitement about the following two so it seemed wrong to include more. Martin RolinskiI was very underwhelmed by Alexander Bard’s latest project Gravitonas, so I’m hoping Martin Rolinski will cheer me up by continuing BWO’s tradition of brilliance with his… Continue reading Top 2 Most Exciting Solo Careers of 2011

International Video Challenge

Representing the USA: Porcelain Black – This Is What Rock N Roll Looks LikeA new RedOne protegée is always exciting, but I’m not sure anyone requested a cross-breed of Cruella de Vil and Lady GaGa. After the embarrassment that was Mohombi, I’m starting to wonder if Mr Khayat is better left to making amazing pop… Continue reading International Video Challenge

The Next Big Thing?

VanbotExciting news everyone: there’s a new Swedish electro-pop diva on the scene! Vanbot is vocally similar to Robyn and Linda Sundblad but musically has a dancier sound, quite busy and 90s-esque. Looks-wise she’s very Swedish too, with Lykke Li and Robyn again being the obvious references in these photos. So far she’s released one rather… Continue reading The Next Big Thing?