Top of the Poptastic!

Here, on time for once, are my top 20 new singles for July… 1. Taylor Swift – You Belong With Me2. The Veronicas – 4Ever (UK release)3. Erik Hassle – Don’t Bring Flowers4. Carolina Liar – I’m Not Over (UK release)5. Mini Viva – I Lost My Heart in Tokyo6. Priscilla Renea – Dollhouse7. Pixie… Continue reading Top of the Poptastic!

Make your life more Poptastisk!

After many months and a lot of unexpected disasters, my zine is finally ready for distribution! If you’d like to buy a copy, I’m selling it through the crafty website Etsy – click here for the listing. Features include: – Electro-girls interviews– How to discover ace new pop music– A guide to the best pop-related… Continue reading Make your life more Poptastisk!

The Next Big Thing?

Neon HitchMuch like Lolene, who I wrote about a couple of weeks ago, Neon Hitch is a British girl who is making waves in the US music industry thanks to her collaborations with some major international writing/producing talents. Her similar artists on Last.FM include the unexpected mixture of Doe Deere and Wynter Gordon, two excellent… Continue reading The Next Big Thing?

New Pop on the Block

Backstreet Boys – Straight Through My Heart (Soldier Down) (Clip)I have been excitedly waiting to hear the new single by the BSBs, on which they have worked with super-producer RedOne, and finally it is here. I wouldn’t say that anyone who is familiar with the RedOne sound would be surprised by this song, as it… Continue reading New Pop on the Block