New Pop on the Block

Backstreet Boys – If I Knew Then (Listen)When I got the new BSB album I gave it one listen and decided it was all boring, apart from the Max Martin song and the two by RedOne, so I was very surprised when the third single was not the incredible unreleased RedOne track, All of My… Continue reading New Pop on the Block

Daisy’s Gonna Dare You

She may have been unknown to even the biggest pop fans at the start of this year, but since then everything’s gone pretty well for Daisy Coburn, also known as Daisy Dares You. In the same year that Daisy turned 16, she was subject to a major label bidding war and became every wannabe pop… Continue reading Daisy’s Gonna Dare You

The Next Big Thing?

I’ll be back with my predictions for 2010 at the start of January but for now here are a few acts who probably won’t make it onto any of the ‘sound of 2010’ lists, but I think they will be worth keeping an eye on anyway. The DudettesThis Norwegian girl band’s influences range from Lykke… Continue reading The Next Big Thing?

Top of the Poptastic!

There was surprisingly little to choose from this month, but here are my top 20 favourite singles of November. I know Caught in the Crowd isn’t a new song, but I forgot to include it when it first entered the Australian charts, so took its re-entry as excuse to include it now. 1. Kate Miller-Heidke… Continue reading Top of the Poptastic!