New Pop On The Block

Backstreet Boys – Helpless When She Smiles (Listen)I haven’t bought the new BSBs album yet, since I decided to put it on my Xmas list in order to have at least one thing to be excited about this Yuletide. I liked the first single, Inconsolable, even though every time I hear it I must still… Continue reading New Pop On The Block

New Pop On The Block

Amy Diamond – Stay My BabyWell, Amy seems to have given up on the new mature direction (which turned out to be the same as her old songs but a bit boring) already and employed the one and only Max Martin to provide her with a song as cute and fun as we had come… Continue reading New Pop On The Block

So maybe pigs can fly?

A highly unexpected event just occured. A Fergie song just came on the radio, and I actually turned it up. There are few singers I hate as much as Fergie, but unlike P!nk and Kelly Clarkson, until now she had never done anything I even slightly enjoyed. Then I heard Clumsy, and in the interest… Continue reading So maybe pigs can fly?

New Pop On The Block

Cascada – What Hurts The Most (Listen)I don’t know if this is their new single in the UK but it is here in Sweden and before you ask, yes it is a Jo O’Meara cover. Well, OK, maybe the intention was Rascal Flatts, but if I remember correctly, Jo did release it several months before… Continue reading New Pop On The Block

The Next Big Thing?

MorelloAs far as I can tell, Morello is mainly a guy called Malcolm, and I have to say he’s the first cool Malcolm I’ve ever encountered. I was first intrigued by hearing he had a song called Exchange Student, since I am one at the moment, but I found the rest of the songs on… Continue reading The Next Big Thing?

Reality Round-Up

Idol 2007I have finally caught up to date with the Swedish Idol programme, and am enjoying the show very much. My Swedish is improving but I still can’t understand very much of what is said (they speak fast!), so it’s interesting to watch a show and simply judge the singers for myself rather than being… Continue reading Reality Round-Up