And The Rest

To make sure my top 25 was as accurate as possible and because I have trouble stopping once I get started with anything involving pop music and lists, I extended it to a top 100 and seeing as I am lovely and generous, here it is!

Dirrrty Pop Review: Gwen Stefani – Love Angel Music Baby

After hearing that this album was a bit disappointing overall I approached without the high expectations I’d usually have for a Gwen Stefani project, but even if I had listened to LAMB with those high expectations they would have been surpassed, because this in my opinion is an excellent album. Some of the songs are… Continue reading Dirrrty Pop Review: Gwen Stefani – Love Angel Music Baby

Pop Victories Of 2004

Christmas is a time for celebrating so lets forget the Darkness and Blue and instead remember 10 of the most brilliant things that happened in this year of pop… 1. Britney Spears had her most successful year yet with 2 huge no.1 hits and a Greatest Hits album. 2. Girls Aloud released their second album… Continue reading Pop Victories Of 2004

Hello pop chums!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and got everything you could ever possibly want, without reason. Now it is back to business (or as businesslike as it ever gets round here) and first on the agenda is the very sad news that Mr Aceness Himself (aka Edward O) is sadly closing down his… Continue reading Hello pop chums!


Alcazar – This Is The World We Live In Released: 20th September Fun fact: Alcazar’s latest CD single in Sweden for Here I Am held 7 different versions of the song including a Christmas version with sleigh-bells and French and Spanish versions! Best bits: 1. Doesn’t matter who you are when you’re moving up with… Continue reading And Finally: THE MOST POPTASTIC SINGLE OF 2004 IS…

The Ones That Got Away

As you may have noticed, the songs in my most poptastic countdown are all singles released in the UK this year, which means that some of the most phenomenally brilliant songs of 2004 were not included. Here are 20 of the top songs not released in the UK this year: United States of Electronica –… Continue reading The Ones That Got Away