Top of the Poptastic!

Here are the top 30 singles I’ve been loving in March 2011: 1. Eric Saade – Popular2. Taylor Swift – The Story Of Us3. Loreen – My Heart Is Refusing Me4. Sanna Nielsen – I’m In Love5. Jennifer Lopez – On The Floor6. Alice Gold – Runaway Love7. Soundgirl – I’m The Fool8. Birdy –… Continue reading Top of the Poptastic!

New Pop on the Block

Clock Opera – Belongings (Listen)This song is calm, subtle and contemplative – none of which are adjectives I’d normally use to describe the music I like. However, there’s something about this particular track which has really charmed me. I used to listen much more to songs which weren’t instant, but reaped rewards in time. I… Continue reading New Pop on the Block

Tweets Of The Week

1. Love this statement from Lee Ryan – boyband wars of words are serious business you know! 2. Getting excited for The Wanted tour! Check out this recording of a very poptastic new song they’re performing: 3. Last night’s American Idol made up for the series being boring so far. It was so… Continue reading Tweets Of The Week

He watches TV, I read my books

I wrote the other day about my love of documentaries that show the real workings of Planet Pop, and a very similar niche genre is the pop autobiography. I have found that there are two types. Firstly, there are the ones written by relatively new pop acts at the height of their success, who have… Continue reading He watches TV, I read my books

Tweets Of The Week

1. Hanson are going to be performing all their albums at 5 special shows in London! So going to the first one! 2. 1 month til the US version of Dutch talent show The Voice begins! Christina Aguilera as a judge will be interesting 3. Now Lee Dewyze is here to remind all… Continue reading Tweets Of The Week

What’s Up, Doc?

Unlike many pop fans, I’m not that much interested in meeting or even reading/watching interviews with famous singers (unless it’s someone I really admire) but I love to hear about the experiences of people who used to be successful pop stars. They’re fascinating because, now having distance from the big pop machine, they can give… Continue reading What’s Up, Doc?

Tweets Of The Week

1. Learning about The Migraine Skank. It seems to be the Macarena of today.2. a) Just don’t know where to start making fun of this new US pop wannabe (via @oneofthosefaces)b) Great blog about where this Rebecca Black song came from (via @sharivari80)3. Very random pop fact: Buttons by PCD was co-written by… Continue reading Tweets Of The Week

Tweets Of The Week

This week’s top 5 most poptastic tweets! 1. Had a break from #Melodifestivalen to watch The Wanted on Let’s Dance. Shame they’re not in MF, they’d blow EMD out the water boyband-wise.2. The new Sky Ferreira song ( is so close but so far from this supreme pop masterpiece What a poptastic lunch –… Continue reading Tweets Of The Week