The Best Is Yet To Come

Only 2 more months of 2005 to go, so lets have a look at what aceness we have yet to enjoy: October 31 Darren Hayes – So BeautifulHooray! Darren is back, and the song is as beautiful as the title suggests. If you want more of the sound of his last album, you may be… Continue reading The Best Is Yet To Come

The Madonna Video

If you thought the song was brilliant, just wait til you see the video! My favourite bits include the dancing waiters, the bit on the tube and, best of all, the Dancing Stage bit! In fact, it’s all very similar to the video for Crush (1980 Me) by Darren Hayes, which was coincidentally bootlegged with… Continue reading The Madonna Video

Cheeky Monkeys!

An unknown indie act at no.1? This can only be bad news…or can it? There have been so many crap no.1s this year (in fact, the Sugababes have been the only one I’ve liked at all) that another one hardly makes much difference, and at least this one is encouraging dancing. This is also good… Continue reading Cheeky Monkeys!

Dirrrty Pop Review: The Backstreet Boys – Never Gone Tour, Wembley Pavillion

Wembley is full of screaming teenage girls, a multi-million-selling boyband are on stage – you’d be forgiven for thinking we were back in the 90s, and for an hour and 45 minutes we very almost were. I’ve been to more than my fair share of pop concerts, but this was my first time seeing a… Continue reading Dirrrty Pop Review: The Backstreet Boys – Never Gone Tour, Wembley Pavillion

International Video Challenge

Representing Norway: Marion Raven – Here I AmThe second solo single for ex-M2M member Marion Raven, and it’s another piece of almost-brilliance. Marion worked with pop genius Max Martin on her debut solo album and was apparently the test-project for his new rockier sound, which has been a success for Kelly Clarkson, the Backstreet Boys… Continue reading International Video Challenge

OMG! Best New EVER!

No it really IS this time! Look at the tracklisting for Will’s new single: 2 Track CD1. Switch It On2. Switch It On Freeform Reform That can only mean one thing…a Freeform Five remix! Of Will! WOOOOOW!!