Top of the Poptastic!

Actually got this done on time for the first time in ages – yay me! Top 25 singles I have enjoyed this month: 1. Robyn – With Every Heartbeat2. Feist – 12343. Darin – Insanity4. Rufus Wainwright – Rules and Regulations5. Arsenium – Professional Heartbreakers6. Andrea Corr – Shame On You7. Groove Armada ft. Mutya… Continue reading Top of the Poptastic!

Glastonbury for lazy pop fans

I’ve collected together all the ace pop performances (or at least the ones that have made their way onto YouTube) so you can enjoy them free of Jo Whiley and The Who…

Ex-Star-Spotting Mania!

I have so far not paid a bit of attention to this year’s Big Brother, and hadn’t a clue who was in it – at least until today when browsing in WHSmiths I spotted a familiar face on the cover of Star magazine. Either that is Zac from Northern Line, or he has an extreme… Continue reading Ex-Star-Spotting Mania!

New Pop On The Block

Aly & A.J. – Potential Break-Up Song (Watch)I can’t help hating Aly & A.J. – I just hate their faces! While I’m sure they’re actually lovely girls, if only in the sense of being devoutly Christian, there is still something slightly evil in their smiles. However, this song is actually really catchy and fun –… Continue reading New Pop On The Block

Bits & Bobs

Ever wished for a YouTube just for music, not video? Well, here it is in the form of the strangely-named yet brilliant Imeem. Sadly it probably won’t last much longer as they’re being sued by a record company, so make the most of it while it lasts and look up all those tracks you want… Continue reading Bits & Bobs

Am I getting old?

Possibly – I’ve started listening to Radio 2 and I’m becoming quite a fan! So far this week I’ve heard a concert by the Pet Shop Boys and a performance by The Bird and The Bee, while the playlist has provided such delights as Tiny Dancers, the jolly Wallbirds and Duke Special – quite a… Continue reading Am I getting old?


Have I just lowered my standards, or have the British public suddenly got taste? I remember in 2005 there were only 3 good number ones in the entire year. 2007, however, has top 5s like this: 1. Umbrella-ella-ella2. Mutya Buena – Real Girl3. Beyoncé Beyoncé & Shakira Shakira4. Hellogoodbye – Here (in Your Arms)5. Maroon… Continue reading Untitled