Go Wild Dances!

I am very silly because I forgot to post about this fantabulous article on Monday. It’s as good as and almost as long as watching the show itself! And if you look closely you might spot someone you know…

Video Killed The Radio Star

In Maroon 5 members out of 5! Portobella – Covered In Punk This is my new favourite song. It’s electropop meets punk meets Shampoo and the result is insanely cool and catchy. The lyrics are also fantastic, including “Look at me I scream like a banshee, God save the drag queen, God save the drag… Continue reading Video Killed The Radio Star

Mr Dusick is…er…sick!

Sadly, we must announce that Ryan will be taking a temporary break from playing with the band. Ryan injured his shoulder from two years of constant touring, and doctor’s orders are for rest and rehab. It should be a quick and speedy recovery and we wish him all the best. Until Ryan’s return, Matt Flynn… Continue reading Mr Dusick is…er…sick!

Video Killed The Radio Star

Today marked out of 5 Darren Hayes CDs… Phixx – Wild Boys I was a bit worried about this as I love Phixx but don’t like the original Wild Boys much (I’ve been known to have nightmares about Simon Le Bon!), but luckily my worries were about nothing and this is great. I’ve been wandering… Continue reading Video Killed The Radio Star

I *heart* Cameron Adams too!

Raeders of The Love Pavillion will know how much Crystal adores pop journalist Cameron Adams and after reading his review of Will’s single Your Game I completely understand. WILL YOUNG – Your Game ‘Does this country not have ears? First Will Young’s drop-dead gorgeous ballad Leave Right Now cruelly hovers at the wrong end of… Continue reading I *heart* Cameron Adams too!